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Change Order Policy
A “Change Order” is the non-recoverable time and expenses incurred by work that is contracted, planned, but not executed as a direct result of changes from the customer under written contract. Any and all changes to Diesel Toys ® contracts and/or orders are subject to the forfeit of payment for the specific service(s) NOT rendered. This policy will be handled at the sole discretion of Diesel Toys ® on an individual basis. Diesel Toys ® discourages changes to contracted work and our Change Order Policy reflects that.

Vehicle Insurance Policy
It is the recommendation of Diesel Toys ® that during the conversion process, the customer carries insurance on the vehicle. Diesel Toys ® will NOT be responsible for third-party theft or damage to vehicles while in our possession. Our general liability insurance covers work on or around the vehicle within the physical interior of our building. Diesel Toys ® reserves the right to store vehicles outside the interior of our building where they are subject to damage and/or theft from third-parties.

Project Timeframes
All Diesel Toys ® projects are 100% custom projects by their nature and Diesel Toys ® does NOT provide any written or verbal timeframes for completion on any of our projects. The official Diesel Toys company policy is that there are NO attached deadlines on any Diesel Toys ® project and we strive to be as clear as possible about this policy.

Storage Policy
All completed conversions and/or stored vehicles are subject to a daily storage fee of $15 per day pursuant to Texas law. Vehicles left after 60 days will be considered “Abandoned” and Diesel Toys ® may pursue payment of any and all unpaid balances by any legal means necessary. This includes (but not limited to) sale of vehicle by way of Mechanic’s Lien, sale of the vehicle’s parts and/or powertrain, and any and all components.

Engine Core Policy
Diesel Toys LLC retains all original gasoline engine cores and/or transmission, driveline components, during the conversion process. Should the customer wish to retain these components,  additional handling and/or storage fees may apply. The Diesel Toys ® default company policy is to retain these cores and is factored into our published pricing.

Off Road Policy
Diesel Toys ® provides diesel conversion services for “OFF ROAD USE ONLY”. Diesel Toys ® does NOT imply legality or any other use of conversion services rendered and cannot be held responsible for any fees, duties, or losses associated with conversion services or for any other reason.

Our conversion services are rendered using “used components” and as such, offer no component warranty of any kind. Diesel Toys ® will handle any quality control and/or installation issues on an individual basis. Diesel Toys ® is hereby NOT bound by any legal obligation to warranty any item on the vehicle. Diesel Toys ® handles any issues at our sole discretion and no written warranty is expressed or implied.

Deposit Policy
All Diesel Toys ® conversions require a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to be paid in order to secure necessary components and a project’s time-slot for conversion. In accordance with the Texas Business and Commerce code, any deposits and/or paid funds will be applied to preparation for the customer's project and are not subject to refund.  Should the customer fail to provide Diesel Toys ® with a vehicle,  the remaining balance, or pick up the parts/vehicle once services have been rendered,  the customer will forfeit the deposit and any balances paid.

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