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We have setup this website as an informative tool for our customers. We are ready to answer any questions you might have regarding our conversion services. Using the form below, send us an email about your project and a sales associate will get things started.

Getting Started

If you’re ready to get started, shoot us an email with vehicle specifics. We will need things like year, the model of the vehicle, transmission type, and 2wd/4wd. We can then put together an itemized invoice for your project and get the process started.

Email Preferred

We have a strong preference for email communication due to the technical nature of our business. If you would like to schedule a phone call regarding your project, send us an email and we will book an appointment for a phone consultation.

Technical Questions?

Have a technical question? If you're not wanting to employ our services, please don't email us.  Due to the proprietary nature of what we do, we do not discuss technical information regarding conversion methods or processes, part numbers, etc. Please respect this policy. 

Contact Us

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Ron S. Atlanta, GA

“This is not just the truck that Toyota should have built. This is the truck which people assume Toyota DID build after they look under the hood. That is the awesome work of Diesel Toys.”


Thomas B. Kauai, HI

“This truck is unbelievable! The conversion is so clean that I have to convince people it didn’t come from the factory like this.” It runs and drives perfectly and has exceeded my highest expectations.  I absolutely love this rig."


Chris T. Raleigh, NC

"They have really gone above and beyond what any other company would ever do for me. Their support staff is incredible! I really feel lucky to have found Diesel Toys"

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