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The Diesel Toys IMMOBILIZER DELETE CHIPS are the result of several years of development and research in the diesel conversion market. Featuring our own custom circuit boards and code, the Diesel Toys Immobilizer delete boards are installed and coded directly onto the factory Toyota ECU (Engine Control Unit) of the most popular Toyota Diesel models found throughout the world. The Diesel Toys Immobilizer delete boards were designed to emulate Toyota's ultra-sophisticated factory immobilizer systems functionality thereby allowing the engine to start and operate with full factory compliance and factory functionality. You wont find these anywhere else, but at Diesel Toys. 


Ordering Process

Select which module you require depending on the year/make/model of the vehicle's engine control unit (ECU). Once you complete the checkout process, you will receive shipping instructions for where to send your ECU for modification. Return shipping is included in the purchase price.

**Please Note**

For overseas or remote locations worldwide, additional shipping rates may apply. 


Nick C. Boerne, TX

I was blown away at what the guys at Diesel Toys did to my stock Tacoma with the gutless 3.5 v6. If you're on the fence about getting a tune, dont be. Completely transformed my ride for the better. This is how it should come from Toyota! 


Sean P. San Antonio, TX

We tuned our (new to us) 5th gen 4runner using Diesel Toys and could not be more pleased. The price, professionalism(wife was there maybe 20 minutes total), and excellent finished product is just astonishing. Do yourself a favor and tune your truck with Diesel Toys. You will not be disappointed. 


Ryan B. Schertz, TX

For the past several years, we have sent all of our post-sales customers who ask for performance tuning to Diesel Toys. They are the only company with the knowledge and skillset at this level that we trust sending customers to.  

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